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Q: How can I purchase your Gown? 
A: All Saison Blanche Couture gowns are purchased through Saison Blanche Authorized Dealers listed under STORE LOCATOR. Please consult with one of our authorized dealers for ordering information. All our Authorized Dealers are ready to assist you with your questions including pricing information. 
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Q: Can I purchase Saison Blanche Couture gowns ONLINE? 
A: The internet is wonderful resource to research and narrow down your gown choices. However, we encourage you to purchase your dress from a local authorized dealer. Doing so helps you to avoid common pitfalls of bargain shopping for your big day. For example, if you order the gown without professional assistance from local authorized dealer, you might encounter: An incorrect size/style Wrong or different dye lots Used gowns sold as new gown Defective garments/ constructions Expensive shipping or alteration costs Or worse...you may not receive your gown in time for your wedding. In most cases, you might ended up paying more money just to fix problems. As you might have notice many bridal companies have posted similar "buyer beware" notice on their website. Because we have heard so many horrible stories and we want to forewarn you about the possible consequences when you order your gown online from a remote seller. We want to make sure your gown-shopping experience is an enjoyable one to complement your wedding. Congratulations! 
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Q: How can I find this Bridal Gown? 
A: All Saison Blanche Authorized Dealers have a list of styles that the store carries in their store. And incase the store doesn’t have the dress you are looking for they may also help you with loaning a bridal gown for a try-on. You must contact the store for details; charges may apply. (Please note: Stores with “Bridesmaid Dresses Only” will not be able to assist you with loaning a Bridal gown for try-on.) Back to the top 

Q: How can I obtain a sample swatch? 
A: All swatch requests are processed through Authorized Dealers ONLY. And you may easily obtain a sample swatch through the store you purchased Saison Blanche Bridesmaids dress(es). For further questions on swatch inquiry, please contact your local Authorized Dealer to further assist you. 
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Q: How much is this dress? 
A: Please contact your nearest Authorized Dealers for ALL pricing information. 
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Q: How can I see your available colors? 
A: Saison Blanche Authorized Dealers carry swatch cards for available colors. Please make an appointment with your nearest Authorized Dealer for further assistance. 
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Q: How can I become a Saison Blanche Authorized Dealer? 
A: Please contact us by emailing your store information to contact@saisonblanche.com.
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